HAA/Primid Curing Polyester Resin For Powder Coating

epoxy resin
Sr.CodeRatioAcid ValueTGViscosity
 200 ℃/Pa.s
Curing ConditionPerformance
1UC-803095/528~37≥603000~5000200℃/10minGreat Leveling,Anti Pinhole,Good Performance In Over Baking,Could Use TGIC Curing,Good Performance In Physical Extinction
2UC-8032T95/518~26≥604000~6000200℃/10min Suitable For GMA Matting ,Glossy、 Machanical Performance Stable
3UC-801395/528~37≥604000~6000160℃/15minLow Temperautre Or Fast Curing,Good Comprehensive Performance,Low Temperautre Curing Non Bloomming Nor White Haze
4UC-8032S90/1055~65≥604000~6000140℃15minHigh Acid Value,Low Temperautre Or Fast Curing HAA Curing Systerm Resins, Suitable For Texture,Great Mechanical Performance
5UC-830193/748~57≥602500~4500200℃/10min1:1 for Outdoor Super Weatherability Semi-gloss Powder Coating,Supre Weather Resistant ,Leveling,And Machanical Performance 。
7UC-8080B95/528~37≥654000~6000200℃/10minGeneral Purpose,Good Comprehensive Performance,Great Weatherability,Good Performance In Over Baking ,Work For Primid/HAA Curing As Well
Remark:All Polyester Resin Above Could Be Adjusted To No Organic Tin, And For Friction Gun

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